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Bass Tourney

The NBPFFA held another Bass tournament on March 24th. The weather was less than perfect with showers making the last hour a little less than comfortable but most everyone caught fish. Dave Thomas finally relinquished his stranglehold on the title of "Top Pro Prospect" within the department but still managed, with his partner Tim McKay, to take two out of the three top places. Michael Ulbrich took big bass honors and 1st place heavy string thanks to the excellent young guide he hired who also proved to be an expert with the landing net. That guide would be none other than Stephen Troncoso son of the famous minnow dunker at Station 2. "Hammering" Hank Shear guided Mitchell Halbardier to a whopper that weighed 1.01 for a quality fishing rod. A great time was had by all and we had a few more participants from other departments join in the fun this time. Special thanks to Hank Shear, Mike Ulbrich and Donny Obuch and all who made this possible. $100.00 was raised to help defray the cost of Aiden Risner's recovery. The event was sponsored by the New Braunfels Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Thanks to Michael Ulbrich for the storey and photos!

Peek From Guadalupe Peak
Guadalupe Peak is the highest mountain in Texas (8,749 feet), just 10 miles from the New Mexico border and it may be climbed by a relatively easy 4.25 mile (one-way) trail that starts from the NPS campground near the main Guadalupe Mountains National Park visitor center. It is an interesting trip, passing different kinds of terrain and a variety of views along the route - of the central Pine Springs Canyon, the desert plains to the south, flatter, intermediate land within the mountains and finally the peak itself, visible only near the end. The total elevation gain is almost 3,000 feet.

That's what the web page says, and now...the rest of the story. Kenny Robinson, Brandon Appleby, and Robert Garcia left Tuesday the 27th of October 2009 for the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas. They were headed to the "Top o' Texas" the highest point in the Lone Star State. There isn't a lot to see on the way there, passing by towns that the interstate keeps alive, but if you can appreciate the majestic beauty of West Texas you may feel you're journeying through the Elysian Fields, or the Steppe in Gilgamesh, I did. We went north from Fort Stockton, through Pecos, the ghost town of Orla, then west to the park.

We got a camp sight, pitched a tent, ate, went to sleep and got up at 2 a.m. to leave at 3 a.m. to be at the top by sunrise. It was cold, we were tired, 4.27 miles and 3 hours and 38 minutes later we were at the top. The sun showed after about 30 more minutes, it was spectacular. Well worth the effort. God's creation can be quite humbling, and I think that's what you feel when you are some place like that, with a view like that... you feel, well, small and insignificant, and that is a good thing. If you haven't been we strongly recommend you make the journey... pilgrim. Robert Garcia

CityFest Co-Ed Softball Tournament

The City of New Braunfels had their first CityFest Double Elimination Co-Ed Softball tournament on Nov. 14, 2009. The Fire Dept was proud to have the opportunity to showcase their skills in this city wide competition. The Fire Dept was tested by the Public Works Dept in the first round. The NBFD team scored a 10-4 victory and advanced into the winners bracket. Fire Dept team was next challenged by City Hall team and again we came away with a 14-2 win. From this point on, the Fire Dept waited for all the other teams to eliminate themselves before playing for the championship. Coming from the losers bracket, the Parks & Recreation Department was the last team standing in the way of the Fire Dept's championship trophy and bragging rights for a year. Although they put up a good fight, our NBFD softball team was too much for them, as we came away with a 18-4 victory and becoming the 1st Cityfest Softball Tournament Champions. We really appreciated the work put in by the Parks and Recreation and Human Resources Departmentsí staff, for putting on this great event. We look forward to defending our title next year! Firefighters that participated in the tournament were Team Captain Randy Diaz, KW Brietzke, Frank Griesenbeck, John Kinkaid, Clint Edwards. The women who played were friends and family of the NBFD firefighters. The are pictured from left to right: Rebecca Brietzke, Rashelle Rodriguez, Jamie Stepan, Laura Gurrero, and Naomi Sherry.

The Buck Did Stop Here!
on 11-27-2009 I harvested our first whitetail buck off our new ranch. We purchased the ranch 3 years ago and not seeing many adult whitetail we decided to not shoot any deer until the herd had reached adult stage. This big guy busted out of the brush chasing a doe and after a few tense moments he deciced to take a dirt nap. He was originally a 10 point and broke one of his tines off while fighting with other deer. The dog next to him is my new tracking dog Bo. I think he was as happy to find him as I was. This one will go on the wall. The ranch is in Leaky Texas. Editors Note: Be sure to check out these other submissions by Dennis!
>>Went 25 miles off shore in my boat and caught a bunch of nice red snapper Picture
>>Fished the Hill Country CCA tour. 10-24-2009 and won second place in the mens red fish division Picture
>>My son (Travis) won first place in the teen division at the Hill Country CCA tour 10-24-2009 Picture

Living Life!

Hank Shear, Engineer C-Shift, is seen above shortly after wrestling a large Bull Red. Hank is a known outdoorsman and he and Glenn McWilliams, Firefighter A-Shift, recently enjoyed some time off at the coast. Read more and see more of their adventure - in Hank's own words: "I headed down to Galveston to visit Glenn and do some bay fishing on the kayak. With the weather looking like it was going to be rough for offshore fishing we tried to plan on a good day and a half of bay fishing from the yaks..." more here!