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New Braunfels Fire Department - Off Duty!


I headed down to Galveston to visit Glenn and do some bay fishing on the kayak. With the weather looking like it was going to be rough for offshore fishing we tried to plan on a good day and a half of bay fishing from the yaks. Well I brought ALL my gear just in case and I'm glad I did. We woke up early Saturday morn to find out that the g-town surf cam revealed 1' waves..WOW!! We are finally going to get to go offshore in the yaks. We had talked about High Island but we decided to hit the beach near the Galveston jetty and paddle out. Well 2.8 miles later we were about 200 yards from the jetty tip anchored up. We Caught a few Gaff top and not much else was biting. I yelled over to Glenn that we should give it 10 more minutes then try another spot. It wasn't 2 minutes after I said that and he gets his first shark from the kayak. It was about 3' or so. Sweet score! We finally get close to the jetty tip and squirm our way into a spot on the rip/color change and I finally get hooked up on my first bull red from the yak. I have landed a number of sharks and other fish from a kayak but never a Bull Red so I was stoked. It went 43" and was pretty healthy. I got a nice "sleigh ride" with the outgoing tide and an angry red. It was a pretty good paddle to get back to the anchor float. We both did exactly what we said we wanted to do most. He scored a shark and I got a BR from the yak. What a sweet trip. On the way back down the jetty right when the tide was changing we started seeing big splashes on the jetty edge and started throwing top waters. Glenn lost his brand new black/chart She Dog to a huge jack that blew up on it and took off like a train. We got back to the beach with still pretty small surf and what do ya know...I turtled on a little bitty wave!! What the heck?? I partially saved the yak from flipping all the way over but I am fortunate that I didn't break any of my rods..It took a small army of people to round up all of my gear that was floating down the beach. It kind of looked like the after math of ..All in all we had a stellar trip. It was Glenn's first offshore trip on the kayak and we both had a "First" and we have the pics to boot. Glenn got a few good pics of the BR battle. The funniest thing was to hear the lady in the sailboat that I was cruising along next to during the sleigh ride, "Oh, my word, that guy on the kayak has a big fish on his line"..Now that was some funny stuff..